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  • Its obvious....

    We live in times of change, around the globe we see the influence from new technologies, open and threatening conflicts, the big question about climate change and more. Within the energy sector in general and within transportation in particular we are right the middle of a paradigm shift. In the short perspective, electrification of cars, buses and trucks have come from nowhere to everywhere in just a few years. Although electrification has made a solid mark in some sectors, several others remain with a need to step away from relaying on fossil energy. Perhaps for the most immediate need to become prepared, self supplied and independent from energy imported from unfriendly countries and conflict zones. This is the macro perspective driving the need for change. To us, the car entusiasts, the rise of electrification comes with many positive aspects, an EV car can be extremely quick, often has a breathtaking performance joint with a low centre of gravity making them quick around corners. But, a BEV car is heavy and is missing some of the soul from a ICE. And the BEV will not do 300km in the left lane at the Autobahn, it will not be relied on for quite some time by the police, army, fire brigade etc. And, automotive manufacturers still sell more ICE cars than BEVs. And the cars sold today will need fuel for many years to come. The average life expectancy for a new car sold in Sweden in 2024 is 17 years. So we need fuel for our cars also in 2041 and beyond. And for that sake, we have a vast number of cars we WANT ro run much longer than that. Classic cars worth billions, race cars and loved ones being a part of our heritage. For those reasons, we have decided to devote our lives and to use our experience to support the move towards modern high performance fuels. We are firm believers in that science and technological development has taken humanity to where we are today and that it will continue to take us forward. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to join us as a competence, partners, investor or else. "Thing do not happen, they are made to happen" John F. Kennedy

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