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VXO FUELS' mission is to supply innovative, easily accessible, and high-performing fuel alternatives ensuring you worry-free operation of your internal combustion engines (ICE) today and for years to come.

Our business idea is to offer convenient fuel solutions that maintain and preferably improve, the performance, reliability and longevity of engines in a wide range of applications. From grass trimmers to racing vehicles


We see a future where internal combustion engines continue to operate seamlessly, free from restrictions on access, independent of imports from hotspots and environmental challenges.

Providing modern accesible efficient fuels

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ICEs & EVs.
Both brilliant innovations

The internal combustion engine is essential across multiple sectors, from transportation to manufacturing. While traditionally linked to fossil fuels, ICEs have evolved to run on diverse fuels like biofuels, hydrogen and synthetic fuels.


It's vital to separate the ICE discussion from the electric vehicle (EV) debate. Both have unique strengths; while EVs are advancing as excellent options in many applications, ICEs remain unmatched in high energy density, long hauling distances and rapid refueling capabilities.


ICEs are not fossil fuel-dependent; they are versatile engines adaptable to a changing energy landscape.

At VXO FUELS, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of the ICE. Our goal is to supply the market with cutting-edge fuels that will keep engines running smoothly for decades to come.


At the heart of our mission lies motorsport, as it represents the ultimate test for fuel performance. What thrives under the extreme pressures of motorsport conditions is sure to excel in other sectors as well.


Rally serves as the most challenging motorsport, taking place year-round in diverse environments ranging from -40°C to +40°C, in rain, snow, scorching sun, and across various terrains such as ice, gravel, asphalt, and mud. What works there, works for you.

Follow us in the National Swedish Rally Championship

(In swedish)

The ultimate fuel perfomance proving ground

Maximizing performance from -40C to + 40C

Products and Innovations

Our product portfolio is designed to include modern fuels offering enhanced performance and reliability for ICEs. These are advanced fuels, such as biofuels and synthetic fuels capable of:

  • Boasting higher energy densities

  • Optimizing combustion properties

  • Reducing engine wear

  • Working in modern and classic engines

  • Meeting sustainability and traceability regulations

The portfolio also includes innovations with the potential to reduce weight and provide other performance and efficiency-enhancing features to vehicles. 

Our market strategy is focused on the highest level of the vehicle hierarchy, in the market for motorsport, exclusive, performance and classic vehicles. This is where consumer involvement is high and where change starts.


In these market segments we meet discerning individuals with a passionate commitment to their vehicles and machines. With a strong purchasing power and with a high influence on other consumers' attitudes and behavioral changes.

Our team has proven experience in one of the truly difficult stages of business development: To understand technology, engineers and innovations and to transfer these into real market impact.


We bridge the gap between technology development and consumer action.

Bridging the gap between technology and needs

Join us to drive market impact for today's and tomorrow's modern fuels

Our objective is to establish VXO FUELS as a top tier supplier of modern fuels for internal combustion engines combined with related technology and services.


Our business model includes partnerships with the automotive industry, fuel producers and players at the top of the automotive hierarchy such as motorsport, exclusive- performance- and classic vehicles. Innovations tend to trickle down the hierarchy from low volume niche to mass markets.

Through VXO FUELS you invest not in technology but in a proven strategy to achieve real sales results. We offer partnerships and investment opportunities in an innovative and sustainable industry with a visionary management and a strong team striving to secure the future of mobility as we know it.


We create robust business out of the market's needs and receptivity with new technology - not the classic other way around. ​


Uråsa Terminal

362 53 Uråsa




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